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Attach the Superior brace to ICF with slotted flange on left side (maximum recommended spacing 6’) with a 2” minimum coarse thread #8 screw in the top of slot, one per block. (Don’t over tighten). Place screws as high as you can reach. Pick the appropriate platform height (40” down from top of wall recommended) & attach tread bracket by making sure both wings are inserted into the receptors and seat down vertically (if this position is higher than you can reach attach turnbuckle to tread bracket first, follow instructions below) and place tread bracket on post with turnbuckle attached (this method is sometimes necessary either way when turnbuckles collide on inside of a outside corner).

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Now attach your turnbuckle head (turnbuckle has to be level) to the end of the tread bracket by inserting the wings threw intended slot at end of bracket and lower foot end of turnbuckle to the substrate and adjust turnbuckle length to a 45* degree angle (max) to post. At this point make sure turnbuckle is square to wall by eyeing it.


Plumb every other brace with a level and attach the foot of turnbuckle to substrate with two screws through base plate in holes provided (1-1/2” #8 screws) on a wood deck, and the same on a concrete slab by gluing a 2”x 6” block of wood to the concrete with an appropriate adhesive, or by anchoring directly to the concrete with concrete screws. If you’re staking to the ground use a 7/8” perforated curb pin. After pounding stake into ground and reaching desired stability, place a 8d common nail threw the hole in stake/pin closest to the base plate and tap stake until nail pinches the plate to substrate.


 You can now place your OSHA-approved scaffold according to OSHA regulations. If using a single wide plank only (not recommended) keep the plank around 4” to 6” from the outer edge of the post. You can now screw your plank laps together with one screw in center to allow planks to swivel. Place one screw from the bottom of tread bracket (holes provided) into planks at plank laps or ends only! (Don’t screw in middle of planks yet) Once this procedure is completed you can access the wall bracing system by use of a step ladder and screw the remaining post at the top as you proceed towards the other end.


Once the wall is completed, rebar is in place and the wall is strung and adjusted according to your methods, then place a screw in the remaining tread brackets (slots) one per bracket and don’t over tighten. This allows the alignment system to move the wall without fighting the plank. When working from a stable substrate like wood or concrete you can screw the tread brackets tight after straightening the walls and utilize your planking in this manner as a whaler. (Only when the post/stud screws are not over tightened).

Always Follow O.S.H.A. Regulations!
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